Cisco GSX is a global sales conference held each year for industry professionals. At Spinifex, we created the ‘Hub’ a space for attendees to learn, play and share their knowledge.

Two key interactive installations were at the entrance to the Hub, first the Full Speed Machine which allowed users to share and ‘upload’ their photos directly to our big screen, and for the first time actually see them travel through the air via a cloud of smoke and land on the screen.

Two barrel-sized cannons were located on either side of the platform. Using touch screens attached to the cannons, users selected their ambition before taking a selfie. They then fired the cannon, shooting a smoke ring towards the screen. When the physical smoke ring hit the screen, it transformed into a digital cloud ring, displaying a giant version of the user's selfie surrounded by their global region and goal for the future. Each user’s image then drifted away to become part of the cloud. Integration with RFID badges enabled users to save their personalised images to their own devices for social sharing.

The second was the Think Fast challenge, where we created a bespoke fun and engaging way to test users technical knowledge to complete a physical challenge through a laser maze. Users could compete individually or challenge each other as opposing teams.


Demonstration of LEIA 3D - A holographic driver display.